Rush University

Program Director

Laurence A. Levine MD FACS
Professor of Urology



Victoria Torres
1725 W. Harrison St. Suite 352
Chicago, IL 60612

Program Offers

Fellowship Duration: 1 year

Program Description: This is a one-year clinical fellowship focusing on Andrology and reconstructlve surgery. The fellow will work with Dr. Levine two days per week in the operating room and three in the clinic.

There is an abundance of experience in medical and surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease, erectile dysfunction, other genital disorders (i.e. chordee, buried penis), urethral strictures, and male infertility.

The focus of the fellowship is on Peyronie's-related surgery (grafting, plication and prostheses) virgin and complex revision IPP's, urethral reconstruction, artificial urinary sphincters, microdenervation of spermatic cord, micro-varicocele repair, sperm retrieval, mini-Jupette, and repair of buried penis.

Past research projects by fellows have included clinical research primarily focused on outcomes with Peyronie's disease, penile prosthesls, and urethral strictures.

Fellowship is not currently participating in a match system.