Boston University Sexual, Reproductive, Transgender Medicine and Prosthetic Urology Fellowship

Program Director

Ricardo Munarriz


Karen Clements
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA
(617) 638-8451

Program Offers

Number of Fellows: 1
Fellowship Duration: 1 year

Program Description: This is a one-year GME approved clinical and research fellowship in Sexual, Transgender Reproductive Medicine with an emphasis in prosthetic urology. Specifically, the fellowship will provide expert and dedicated training in the diagnosis and management of male and female sexual dysfunction, male infertility, prosthetic urology utilizing the most modern diagnostic tests and surgical techniques. We also trained in transgender care and surgery.

Fellows will be trained in placement and repair of simple and complicated penile prosthesis, penile shunts, Peyronie’s surgery (penile plication and excision of plaque and graft), penile bypass surgery, TESE, MESA, vasoepididymostomy, vasovasostomy, varicocelectomy, and male to female transgender surgery. Fellows will also be performing penile duplex Doppler ultrasounds, cavernosometry, biothesiometry, semen analysis, intralesional therapy, testosterone pellet insertion and other office procedures.

Past research projects by program fellows have covered penile prosthesis outcomes: microbiology, salvage procedure, temperature and penile prosthesis infections, fungal infections. Database epidemiologic studies, cadaver lab outcomes, etc.

Fellowship is not currently participating in a match system.